Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things we'll miss about Central America

The Buses (painted, with boat horns, bus callers, bus vendors)
Rice and beans for breakfast
Having to speak Spanish
Furniture that swings
Coke with real sugar
Fresh tortillas
Being off the map
The old men
Tropical fruit
People who like to repeat Lucas' name
Fishing for dinner
New currencies
Latino radio
People from Holland
Moon like a smile
Dollar beer in a bottle
Learning people's stories
Unregulated modes of transport
Being out of touch with the world
Help from random strangers
Not knowing what we're in for
Spending so much time together


Jebediah T. Wilson said...

My friends, you're in luck!
There is a perfectly fine (if slightly used) Dutchman waiting for you at home! Huzzah!

I'm excited to hear you guys are gunna be coming home and you're gonna be in for quite a culture shock, I'm afraid but OH what a resplendent joy it will be to sleep in your own bed again. "Lekker is maar EEn vinger lang".

Only yesterday was I remarking to Katy how I miss having you guys around. Even if I barely see you, Lucas, and you never pick up your phone. It's the idea of Lucas-proximity that I like.

I miss monkeys & warm weather too. I ARE CHILLY. Come home soon!

Jebediah T. Wilson said...

I have no idea what it means, but it sounds awesome.